Local Hong Kong influencer goes viral with dragon boat drummer photos


    11th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Duckyiwo, a popular social media influencer in Hong Kong, has recently gained attention after posting photos on her Instagram account. The images depict her participating as a drummer during a practice session for the Hong Kong dragon boat race. What caught the netizens’ eyes was her choice of attire—a revealing white top.

    Some expressed concerns about the potential dangers of the situation, noting that other dragon boats might collide with her boat. Others expressed their desire to sit in the front row and enjoy the view. One netizen wondered if the team members would be allowed to sign their names on her chest if they won. Some found it amusing that her presence seemed to be distracting the other dragon boat competitors, causing them to look over. Another netizen expressed their eagerness to join the dragon boat team. One person commented on the beauty of the scene, emphasizing that people are the most captivating aspect. There were also humorous remarks about the unexpected appearance of extra paddles in the boats ahead. Some suggested that she should have hung the drum on the dragon boat before climbing. Others encouraged her to drum harder. The distraction caused by her presence was a topic of discussion, with some imagining that it would be difficult for male participants to focus. Some netizens remarked on her skills and playfulness. One person shared the time and location of the event. The photos sparked newfound interest in dragon boat races for some individuals. There were comments about the incorrect technique being used by the woman on the boat. Some appreciated the view from the back. A few netizens wondered about her motivations for doing such a thing. One netizen questioned the impact of having the team members’ blood rush to their heads, potentially affecting their paddling strength. Others praised her determination and described her as an amazing girl.

    The traditional dragon boat race is a significant activity during the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong. It involves teams competing against each other in long, narrow boats, with paddlers, a drummer, and a steersperson. This thrilling sport has a rich history and is not only popular in Hong Kong but also in other countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, and Australia.