Local expert urges govt to administer third booster COVID-19 vaccination shot, overall vaccination rate in HK remains low

Ho Pak-leung

14th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) Sinovac quoted the vaccination data in Chile yesterday, saying that after the third injection of Sinovac vaccine, the effective protection of symptomatic infections increased from 56% to 80.2%. Ho Pak-leung, director of the Infection and Infectious Diseases Centre of the University of Hong Kong, said during a radio programme this morning that past data showed that six months after the second shot of Sinovac, only one-third of the people developed antibodies, reflecting the need for the third booster shot.

He pointed out that there is no problem with the supply of vaccines in Hong Kong and the third booster shot should be administered as soon as possible.

The current vaccination rate in Hong Kong is about 67%, which has not reached the 70% vaccination target. Ho believes that the speed of vaccination in Hong Kong is very slow. Now it has fallen back to only 10,000 people who were vaccinated every day in the past two or three weeks, and there are still 2 million people who are yet to be vaccinated. He believes that with reference to the situation in various parts of the world, the vaccination policy is aimed at resuming normalcy and requires civic responsibility.