Local expert criticises govt for exempting Nicole Kidman from quarantine after she arrived in HK to film “Expats”


18th August 2021 – (Hong Kong) Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman arrived in Hong Kong earlier and started work on the Amazon series “Expats” in Central directed by Lulu Wang today (18th). It is known that she arrived by private jet from Sydney, Australia on the 12th of this month. Two days after arriving in Hong Kong, she was spotted shopping and filming for a new drama. She reportedly stays in a mansion on the Peak which is not a designated quarantine hotel in Hong Kong.

At about 11am last Saturday (14th), Nicole was spotted in a black car travelling from her rented residence on Peak Road to the middle of Queen’s Road in Central. She was wearing a black dress and a hat. Accompanied by a foreign security guard, she walked into COS boutique on Queen’s Road to shop. After staying for about 15 minutes, Nicole bought some clothes and left.

Her bodyguard opened the car door for her after she finished shopping.
Nicole Kidman went shopping at COS in Central.
Nicole Kidman was also spotted at a filming location in West Central.

Many have questioned if she has violated the quarantine order. However, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau stated that Nicole was exempted from quarantine under Cap 599E by the Hong Kong government and was approved to enter Hong Kong for activities related to designated professional work. She was required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, stay in designated residence, get tested regularly and provide work-related itineraries.

Government expert consultant David Hui said bluntly that Sydney is experiencing an outbreak of the Delta variant virus but Nicole Kidman came to Hong Kong to start work and shop immediately. Of course, there is a crisis for epidemic prevention. Nicole Kidman took the private jet Bombardier Global 600 flight number “VH-YAI” which took off at 11.24am on 12th August (Hong Kong time) and landed at 8.48 pm at Hong Kong airport.

Sydney, Australia, is experiencing an outbreak of the Delta variant. The Hong Kong government has designated Australia to a medium-risk area since Friday (20th) i.e. the quarantine period can be shortened to 14 days at most even for fully vaccinated arrivals. Around 633 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in New South Wales today (18th), of which Sydney accounted for 545 cases.

She appeared in a hotel in Central today for filming and she was friendly to all the staff.

At about 6pm today, the crew finished filming while Nicole was accompanied by a female staff member to leave the hotel. She was wearing a black shirt, a black mask, and her hair was tied. She then returned to a mansion on the Peak rented for HK$650,000 per month.

She lives in a mansion on the Peak for HK$650,000 per month.

Nicole plays the role of Margaret Reade, a former American female architect mother who lives in Hong Kong in the new drama. Her co-star is American actress Sarayu Rao.

Sarayu Rao has already arrived earlier in Hong Kong In the middle of last month, she shared a photo of her producer husband Jonathan Blue celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary at SEVVA, Prince’s Building in Central, Hong Kong.