Local employers’ fees for hiring Indonesian domestic helpers to soar by HK$6,000


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) Indonesia will implement new regulations to waive employment service fees for exported workers from tomorrow (15th), and local employers’ fees for hiring Indonesian domestic helpers will soar by HK$6,000. A local employment agency pointed out that under the new regulations, Indonesian domestic helpers can come to work in Hong Kong at “zero cost.” Some of the training and medical examination expenses originally incurred by the helpers will be borne by the Indonesian government and the rest will be passed on to the employer. Hiring a newly-arrived Indonesian domestic helper requires an additional payment of approximately HK$6,000. As a result of the epidemic, the cost will increase to around HK$35,000 inclusive of virus testing and hotel accommodation for compulsory quarantine.

Cheung, Chairman of Asosiasi PPTKI Hong Kong Zhang Jiemin, pointed out that in the past, Indonesian domestic helpers had to pay about HK$9,000 to work in Hong Kong, including training, accommodation and application documents. Under the new policy, the cost has become nil. Among them, the Indonesian government will be responsible for about HK$3,000 for training costs. The rest of the Indonesian social security (insurance) costs, transportation costs within Indonesia to the airport, and living expenses while waiting for departure in Indonesia will be passed on to the employer, involving about HK$6,000.

He said that the Hong Kong government stated earlier that the relevant fees would increase by several hundred dollars, but only included the good citizen certificate and accommodation expenses, and failed to cover the remaining expenses, which caused many employers to misunderstand. He said that many employers have recently received complaints, mistakenly believing that employment agencies are overcharging, and some have even requested refunds, believing that the authorities should explain the new measures more clearly. The Labour and Welfare Bureau stated earlier that Hong Kong employers do not need to pay fees that are not related to the approval of Hong Kong work visa applications, such as the fees for good citizenship certificates, while the Indonesian domestic helpers need to stay in a local dormitory for 1 to 2 days before leaving Indonesia for Hong Kong, each night costs about HK$200 to HK$300. The relevant fees will be open and transparent, and the Indonesian government will also monitor the overall implementation of the new regulations.