Local celebrities Vincent Wong Ho-shun and Yoyo Chen: A peek into their 11-year-old daughter’s appearance

    On 11th November, 2011, Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong Ho-shun exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony. The following April, they welcomed their daughter, QQ Wong, into the world.

    24th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In November 2011, Vincent Wong Ho-shun, local TVB actor, and actress Yoyo Chen tied the knot. The following April, they welcomed their daughter, QQ Wong, into the world. Over the years, the couple has faced numerous rumours of marital strife and even a broken relationship. However, these challenges have not affected their love for their daughter, as they have always cherished her deeply. Recently, Vincent Wong surprised everyone by unintentionally revealing their 11-year-old daughter’s appearance, showcasing the striking resemblance between QQ Wong and her beautiful mother.

    Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen have always been protective of their daughter, QQ Wong, and have kept her appearance out of the public eye for many years. However, in 2020, Yoyo Chen uploaded a video on TikTok, in which the main star turned out to be none other than QQ Wong. With her long black hair and adorable expressions, QQ Wong captured the hearts of many fans. Numerous comments praised her big, expressive eyes and acknowledged that she had inherited her parents’ good looks at such a young age. It was evident that QQ Wong was growing up to be a stunning young lady.

    Later, Yoyo Chen responded, explaining that her daughter had accidentally used her phone to play on TikTok and uploaded the video, which inadvertently led to her appearance being revealed to the public. Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, the beauty and charm of QQ Wong could not be contained.