Local actress Siu Yam-yam’s residence in Tai Po targeted in daring burglary

    Insert picture: Siu Yam-yam

    20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of Monday (19th), a CCTV video clip circulated online capturing two male burglars roaming around the gardens of village houses along Lam Kam Road, Lam Tsuen in Tai Po. The footage suggests their intention to “case the area,” and later, another video shows one of the intruders entering a house after removing his shoes. Inside, he wore gloves and used a flashlight to open drawers and search for valuables. Confirming the incident, a resident disclosed that a burglary had indeed occurred, and one of the targeted properties belonged to the 73-year-old actress Siu Yam-yam. When approached by reporters, Siu Yam-yam expressed her reluctance to discuss the matter in detail but acknowledged that her daughter’s room was burglarized, describing the incident as “shocking.” Residents in the area noted that burglaries were a recurring problem, particularly around the Chinese New Year period, but this year’s burglars displayed an unprecedented audacity, with one resident stating, “We usually have incidents like this before Chinese New Year, but we didn’t expect them to happen during the festive season!”

    Based on the circulating CCTV footage, it can be observed that around 2am on Monday (19th), two men wearing hats and masks were seen loitering around the gardens of the village houses, potentially surveying the area before leaving. Another clip recorded around 5am showed one of the men removing his shoes and sneaking into a house. Wearing gloves and armed with a flashlight, he opened a cabinet door and searched through it for several seconds before closing it again. Netizens commented on the footage, praising the intruder’s meticulousness and cunning, with remarks like “Impressive technique and great attention to detail, even better than a professional decorator!” Some expressed astonishment at the audacity of the burglars, given the prevalence of CCTV cameras in the neighbourhood, demanding severe punishment.

    A resident named Ms. Lee described the burglars as brazen, stating, “We usually have incidents like this before Chinese New Year, but we didn’t expect them to happen during the festive season!” She further revealed that burglaries were a recurring problem and that prior to the Chinese New Year, burglars had already targeted nearby houses by prying open windows, even choosing early morning hours to commit their crimes. In the past, burglars were typically from Mainland China and hid in the mountains. However, this year, Lee noticed that the culprits were locals who would loiter outside her house and observe the type of lock she had on her front door. Although Lee had installed multiple CCTV cameras outside her house, she commented, “We need to buy more advanced cameras, the ones that cover a 360-degree view. The current ones are not strong enough!”

    Lee continued to express her concerns about the burglars, stating that they paid no attention to the CCTV cameras as they wore hats and masks, making it difficult to identify them. She admitted feeling frightened and worried about becoming the next target, as she had noticed someone “casing the area” and inspecting the lock on her front door. She described the situation, saying, “They stood right at my doorstep, checking the type of lock we have because they don’t break in anymore; they use a bump key.” Currently, Lee secures her front door with a stainless-steel latch, and the windows are locked with straps. Moreover, when her neighbour finishes their overnight shift, they notify her to open the door. Lee sighed, saying, “At night, all the lights are turned on, and all the rooms and bathrooms remain open; otherwise, we would be paying over HKD 2,000 in electricity bills! We have no choice but to outsmart them.”

    Lee recalled a previous burglary at Siu Yam-yam’s residence, where the burglars attempted to test whether the occupants were asleep by tampering with the water supply for the washing machine near the entrance. However, they were discovered by Siu Yam-yam’s domestic helper, which frightened them away. Lee also shared an incident when burglars attempted to peep into her house from outside. Fortunately, her husband was sleeping in the living room, causing the intruders to retreat. She helplessly remarked, “All the lights are on at night, and every room and bathroom remain open; otherwise, how can we afford electricity bills of over HKD 2,000? We have no choice but to outsmart them.” She added that in previous years, burglars would hide in construction sites, waiting for the opportune moment to enter the village houses on the first floor.

    Another resident, Mrs. Yeung, mentioned that her son had installed the CCTV cameras capturing the footage. She disclosed that her son lived in a neighboring village house and had also noticed someone passing by around 1 a.m. on the same night. Mrs. Yeung expressed concern over the recurring burglaries in the area, particularly during the Chinese New Year period. She emphasized the need for increased security measures and suggested that the village houses should form a neighborhood watch group to enhance their collective safety.

    The police have been informed about the burglary at Siu Yam-yam’s residence and are investigating the incident. They are analyzing the CCTV footage and working to identify the suspects. Authorities have urged residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities immediately.