Local actress, Cecelia Cheung sued by manager for breach of filming contract amounting to HK$12.76 million


    24th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong celebrity Cecilia Cheung was sued in the High Court by her manager yesterday (23rd). The manager’s company claimed that Cheung failed to comply with contractual terms for filming arrangement after receiving the advance film remuneration, and therefore requested Cheung to return the remuneration, amounting to HK$12.76 million.

    In addition, the manager also requested Cheung to make additional compensation for breach of contract. The two plaintiffs in this case are Yu and AEG Entertainment Group Limited, and the defendant is Cecilia Cheung. According to the plaintiff’s filing, Yu and Cecilia Cheung signed the “Global Exclusive Manager Contract” in July 2011, and Yu served as Cheung’s manager for 8 years. Yu also promised to advance HK$40 million to Cheung as a remuneration for hiring Cheung to act in 4 movies.

    By May 2012, the two parties signed another film contract, and Yu paid HK$2.76 million to Cheung at the same time as signing this contract as remuneration for appearing in 2 other films. Then in 2014, Cheung signed a supplementary contract with AEG to replace the manager contract signed with Yu.

    The plaintiff now points out that Cheung failed to perform the filming responsibilities after signing the contract. Yu therefore asked Cheung to return the above HK$2.76 million paid. AEG also demanded Cheung to return HK$10 million and compensate for breach of contract. It also asked the court to issue an order for Cheung to explain the reasons and Cheung’s income status since the breach of contract in May 2015.

    Cheung married fellow Hong Kong entertainer Nicholas Tse in a secret wedding ceremony in the Philippines in September 2006. She gave birth to their first son in August 2007 and their second son in May 2010.

    On 23rd August 2011, the couple made a public announcement of an agreement to a divorce. They agreed to hold joint custody of their two sons.

    Cheung gave birth to her third son in November 2018, announced in a Weibo post from her studio, which does not provide details on who the father of the child was.

    In January and February 2008, many explicit photos were found online involving Cheung and Edison Chen. Her career suffered a blow as a result.