Local actress Bernice Liu laments over impact on business caused by cluster outbreak at RACKS CITY bar which she co-owns


    14th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) There have been multiple cluster outbreaks reported at bars and clubs in Central in recent weeks. 3 new cases involving customers were recorded at RACKS CITY at 2/f, Winning Centre, 46-48 Wyndham Street, Central yesterday. A total of 21 patients have been linked to this bar.

    One of the investors of RACKS CITY is reported to be local actress Bernice Liu. After the epidemic situation improved last year, it took only half a year to successfully make up for the loss of turnover in last 18 months. She originally expected to attract more customers to visit the bar and despite strict anti-epidemic regulations, cluster outbreak still occurred. Many customers were all playing darts, playing pool and dancing. She revealed that the bar had been closed for several days for inspection and disinfection, and it has reopened recently. However, she said that the outbreak will definitely affect the turnover as there were still new cases reported as of yesterday. Nevertheless, she believes that business will recover.

    Meanwhile, she had several pet dogs which passed away in last few months. Her 15-year-old pet dog, Kahlua recently developed cancer.