Liza Wang’s 35-year partnership with Seahorse continues, revealing updates but no contact with Adam Cheng amid tragic news of his eldest daughter’s passing

    Liza Wang (left) and James Wu Yau-ching, Chairman of Seahorse Group (centre), and his wife Christine Au Yang (right) in 2019. Insert photo: Adam Cheng

    3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned artist Liza Wang, made an appearance in Kwai Chung today (3rd) for the filming of an advertisement for Seahorse, a brand she has been endorsing for many years. James Wu Yau-ching, Chairman of Seahorse Group, and his wife Christine Au Yang personally visited the set to show their support. Wang expressed her delight in the 35-year-long collaboration with Seahorse, which is the longest endorsement partnership she has had with a brand. When asked if she is satisfied with the remuneration, she replied, “It’s always satisfactory to some extent.” She also mentioned that both she and her husband, Law Kar-ying, prefer sleeping on firm mattresses as it is beneficial for their spinal health, given their frequent neck usage. She humorously added, “Does Kar-ying snore a lot? Well, he does, but so do I, so it doesn’t disturb my sleep.” Speaking of her husband’s recent birthday, Wangrevealed that she celebrated by gifting him a cake, longevity noodles, and eggs, although she hadn’t prepared a birthday present. She jokingly remarked that her own birthday is also approaching and said, “None of us gave each other anything, so it’s mutual.”

    Reflecting on her recent trip to mainland China with archaeologists and a group of university students via high-speed rail last week, Wang mentioned that while the journey was convenient, they encountered difficulties finding their way due to the Mid-Autumn Festival rush when they returned to Hong Kong. She commented on the scarcity and uncleanliness of the female restroom facilities, stating that there is ample room for improvement. Wang admitted that she doesn’t frequently travel to northern destinations but has heard about the increasing number of Hong Kong residents heading there for vacations. She shared, “Many people praise the affordability, beauty, and good service. We should learn from them. There are plenty of attractions for local trips, so let’s see what improvements we can make based on their needs.”

    Turning to the recent tragic news of Adam Cheng’s eldest daughter’s passing, Wang revealed that she learned about the incident through news reports as well. She expressed her condolences and emphasised the importance of giving the couple some space to process the situation. Wang acknowledged the complexities of dealing with children’s matters, especially when they don’t live together and limited information is available. She mentioned that Cheng is accustomed to not answering phone calls, so she may not necessarily reach out to offer her condolences. When asked if they had any private communication, Wang stated that they hadn’t even met for tea, and after filming, everyone went their separate ways until they meet on stage. She candidly admitted that she is unaware of the emotional state of Cheng’s eldest daughter and couldn’t confirm if she had any emotional issues. Regarding Cheng’s other daughter, Joyce Cheng, Wang said, “Friends who are close to her say she is fine. Given her recent appearance, people thought she had lost weight due to dieting.”