LIVE UPDATES: Thousands of protesters march from Causeway Bay to Central in rain, Nathan Road in TST barricaded (Updated 11.40pm)


6th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) Thousands of protesters gathered at SOGO in Causeway Bay at 1pm today, crowds thronged East Point Road, Great George Street and shouted slogans. Most of them were clad in masks, raised their hands gesturing “six”, and chanted “Six demands, Not one less”, “Wearing masks is not a crime”. They demanded re-grouping or disbanding the Hong Kong Police Force. Many protesters started to march towards Hennessy Road in Wan Chai before reaching Admiralty and Central. Protesters occupied Yee Wo Street and Hennessy Road resulting in severe traffic jam. Police warned protesters to disperse immediately as they were participating in an illegal assembly. A group of protesters also gathered at Victoria Park to protest against police brutality and to show solidarity with the Indonesian reporter who lost her eyesight after being shot by police.

Meanwhile, in TST, protesters marched on Nathan Road and barricaded the road. Protesters sang “Glory to Hong Kong” as they walked from Salisbury Garden to Nathan Road, heading towards Mong Kok. Some smaller groups chose to stay near Hong Kong Museum of Art and joined the marching crowd when the rain was lighter.

Live updates :

11.30pm – Protesters again barricaded Nathan Road South and Argyle Street after riot police left.

11.30pm – Hospital Authority announced that as of 11pm, total of 11 people aged between 13-92 years old were injured.

11.13pm – Hundreds of riot police commenced clearance on Argyle Street.

10.58pm – Government quashed rumours on social media that schools, offices and stock market will shut down on 8th and 9th of October.

9.20pm – Protesters continue to gather at Nathan Road in Mong Kok while barricades are set.

9.13pm – Sprinkler system was activated inside Mong Kok MTR Station by protesters. Water flooded the floor inside the station.

Mong Kok MTR Station.

8.30pm – Protesters set up barricade with bamboo sticks on Nathan Road in Mong Kok.

8.25pm – MTR suspends all train lines.

7.46pm – Fight breaks out amongst protesters in Mong Kok.

7.41pm – Riot police storm into Kowloon Tong MTR Station.

7.36pm – Protesters hurl objects at police vehicle while tear gar rounds were fired.

7.28pm – Yellow flag hoisted at Osborn Barracks in Kowloon Tong.

7.25pm – Black flag hoisted in front of Mong Kok Police Station.

7.18pm – Protesters set fire to Cheung Shun Street Playground in Cheung Sha Wan.

7.10pm – Black flag hoisted by riot police in Wan Chai.

6.53pm – Firemen evacuated passengers trapped at Lai Chi Kok Station after a MTR train reportedly derailed.

Riot police in front of Pioneer Centre Shopping Arcade at 6.55pm.

6.50pm – Riot police clearing barricades in Mong Kok.

6.49pm – A banquet restaurant is vandalised in Cheung Sha Wan.

6.48pm – An injured protester is sent to hospital via ambulance in Causeway Bay.

6.43pm – Kwun Tong Line and Tseung Kwan O line train services are suspended.

6.38pm – Protesters set fire on Nathan Road in Prince Edward

6.30pm – District Councillor’s office in Cheung Sha Wan damaged and protesters splash water into the office.

6.30pm – Protesters barricade Causeway Road.

6.27pm – Cheung Sha Wan MTR Station is set on fire and vandalised.

6.22pm – Firemen put out fire at Exit C1 of Mong Kok MTR Station.

6.20pm – Exit D1 of Mong Kok MTR Station is destroyed. Glass shattered.

6.12pm – Speed camera destroyed by protesters on Cheung Sha Wan Road.

6.10pm – Mong Kok MTR Station Exit C1 set on fire.

Exit D1 of Mong Kok MTR Station destroyed by protesters.Picture credit :
Mong Kok Station Exit C1 set on fire. Picture credit :

6.05pm – MTR Kwun Tong Line suspended. Tseun Wan Plaza is closed.

6.04pm – Protesters barricade Argyle Street in front of Langham Place.

6:03 – Hundreds of passengers are stuck at the Hung Hom Harbour Tunnel bus stop as MTR lines and bus lines are being cancelled.

Many cross-tunnel buses terminate their services at the bus stop and let off their passengers. Confused passengers shouted and ran around looking for means of transport to go home.

6pm – Exit A of Mong Kok MTR Station set on fire. Exit C is vandalised.

5.55pm. Bank of China branch in Wan Chai is vandalised and set on fire.

5.50pm – Protesters damage traffic lights at the junction of Tokyo Street and Cheung Sha Wan Road.

5.48pm – Protesters block Shanghai Street and Nathan Road in Prince Edward.

5.45pm – Protester drives an excavator to the middle of Hennessy road.

5.45pm – A Chinese state-owned bank is damaged in Sham Shui Po.

5.42pm – Protesters set fire to barricades on Hennessy Road.

5.30pm – Tear gas rounds fired at the junction of Hennessy Road and Tonochy Road. Protesters hurl bricks at riot police.

5.25pm – Protesters set fire in Wan Chai and many tear gas rounds fired at 5.27pm.

5.53pm – MTR Kwun Tong line and Tsuen Wan Line are suspended.

5.23pm – Water cannon vehicle and armoured vehicle arrived at Pacific Place in Admiralty.

5.23pm – A protester sustained head injuries in Sham Shui Po.

5.22pm – Protesters throw objects into railway track at Kowloon Tong MTR Station.

5.21pm – Tear gas round fired near Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po.

5.18pm – Tear gas round fired from Sham Shui Po Police Station.

5.15pm – Protesters set fire to barricade in the middle of Prince Edward Road West.

5.10pm – Tear gas rounds fired near Fleming Road.

5.04pm – Tear gas rounds fired on Hennessy Road.

5.02pm – Riot police move on Prince Edward East Road towards Kowloon City.

Riot police move on Prince Edward East Road towards Kowloon City.

4.58pm – Tear gas rounds fired in front of Mong Kok Police Station.

4.54pm – Police fire tear gas rounds from under Harcourt Road towards overhead bridge.

Tear gas rounds fired on Harcourt Road.

4.50pm – Tear gas rounds fired at the junction of Jaffe Road and Fleming Road in Wan Chai.

4.49pm – Black flag hoisted again in Admiralty.

Tear gas rounds fired in Admiralty.

4.45pm – Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong is closed.

4.43pm – Tear gas rounds fired in front of Mong Kok Police Station.

4.42pm – Protester set fire to Chinese Construction Bank on Hennessy Road, Wan Chai.

4.42pm – Tear gas rounds fired near Tamar Street in Admiralty.

4.31pm – Tsuen Wan Line is now suspended. Mong Kok East MTR Station is closed.

4.30pm – Kowloon Tong MTR Station is closed.

4.25pm -Central MTR station is closed.

4.22pm – Orange flag hoisted in front of Mong Kok Police Station.

4.20pm – Pacific Place is closed.

4.20pm – Protesters walk on Cheung Sha Wan Road in Sham Shui Po causing traffic jam.

4.18pm – Many protesters are still waiting to leave Victoria Park in Causeway Bay.

4.16pm – Protesters barricade Hennessy Road in Wan Chai.

4.14pm Protesters block Nam Cheong Road in Sham Shui Po. Lai Chi Kok MTR Station and Yau Ma Tei MT Station are closed.

4.13pm – Protesters spray water into Admiralty MTR Station with fire hose.

4pm – Riot police continue clearance towards Prince Edward direction.

3.55pm – Police commence clearance on Waterloo Road in Kowloon Tong while protesters barricade the road.

3.47pm – Langham Place announced that the mall will close at 5pm.

3.45pm – Orange and Blue flags hoisted in front of Mong Kok Police Station. Protesters barricade Begonia Road in Kowloon Tong.

3.45pm – Mong Kok police station.

3.39pm – Riot police fire 5 tear gas rounds towards Admiralty from Wan Chai Police Headquarters.

3.39pm – Yellow flag hoisted at government Headquarters in Admiralty.

3.37pm – Protesters in TST head towards Kowloon Tong. They pass by Mong Kok Police Station near Prince Edward MTR Station and continue towards Mong Kok East. Some barricade the road near Mong Kok Stadium before turning into Tai Hang Tung Road towards Kowloon Tong.

Some barricaded the road near Mong Kok Stadium. Picture credit :

3.15pm – Riot police were on standby outside Wan Chai MTR Station.

3.04pm – Black flag hoisted in front of TST Police Station.

3.01pm – Protesters gathered at the junction of Pedder Street and Des Voeux Road Central.

2.50pm – Report Room at TST Police Station suspends service as hundred of protesters gather in front to shout anti-police slogans.

2.30pm – Protesters arrive at Admiralty and Central.

Police conducting surveillance on the rooftop of government headquarters and Admiralty Centre at 3.40pm.

Riot police in front of Government Headquarters in Admiralty.
Riot police at Western Police Station in West Central at 2.45pm.
Protesters used tables and chairs from Starbucks on Gloucester Road to set up barricade at 4pm.
A suspected protester in disguise with a black ribbon was spotted in Causeway Bay.
Riot police at A4 Exit, Wan Chai MTR Station at 3.15pm.
Protesters gathered in Central.