Liu Kai-chi, 66-year-old TVB actor diagnosed with gastric cancer


    23rd March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Liu Kai-chi, 66-year-old TVB actor, was diagnosed with gastric cancer last year and announced that he needed to resign from filming and stop work for treatment. Liu, who won two Hong Kong Film Award  for Best Supporting Actor, is highly recognised in the local filming industry. However, his life has encountered many difficulties. The youngest son died of blood cancer at the age of 6, and his wife Money Chan Man-yee suffered from depression and tried to end her life before.

    Last night (March 22), some media reported that he was diagnosed with gastric cancer and he did not deny the news, and issued a statement through his company, stating that his health recently declined and he has stopped working. He is now receiving professional treatment and his family members are taking care of him.

    Although Liu was interested in acting at an early age, he first worked behind the scenes as a camera assistant, lighting and in sound production to accumulate industry experience before becoming an actor.

    Two out of seventeen Hong Kong Television Network drama productions were selected by a public poll for their online launch on 19th November 2014. Liu was cast in a leading role for both dramas The Election and The Borderline.