Lingnan University introduces new safety measures for freshman activities


20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In response to recent sexual assault allegations linked to university orientation camps, Lingnan University has implemented stringent new guidelines for student-led activities. These changes come as part of a broader effort to safeguard freshmen and ensure a secure and respectful environment for all participants.

The university’s administration announced that henceforth, events traditionally labeled as “orientation camps” or “orientation activities” will undergo a rebranding and must not use these terms. All proposed activities will be subject to thorough scrutiny and require prior approval from university officials. Additionally, any minors wishing to participate in off-campus events must first secure consent from their parents or legal guardians.

These regulatory measures are designed to reinforce safety and accountability in events catered to new students. The university has set a schedule that mandates such activities not to commence before August 31. This delay ensures that freshmen receive essential university information directly from the official orientation day, scheduled for August 26, before engaging in further social activities.

Further ensuring the adherence to these new standards, the university mandates that leaders of these activities undergo a specialized “training camp” conducted by the student affairs office. This training will equip them with the necessary skills to prevent any inappropriate behavior, including the prohibition of obscene or sexually suggestive games.

The Press Bureau of Lingnan University Students’ Union highlighted another significant safeguard: the presence of a designated ambassador at all events. This role is specifically tasked with monitoring for any signs of bullying or harassment, acting as a proactive measure to maintain a positive atmosphere.