Lightning strike at Wo Tin Estate unit raises concerns over lightning safety measures, Housing Department finds no issues during inspection of lightning protection system


1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory issued a yellow rainstorm and thunderstorm warning in the early morning of June 1, accompanied by thunder and lightning. Online footage showed a unit at Wo Hei House, Wo Tin Estate in Tuen Mun being struck by lightning in an “L” shape three times within one second, with windows even briefly catching fire. This has raised concerns among netizens about the lightning safety measures in public housing estates.

A spokesperson for the Housing Department responded to media inquiries, stating that the lightning protection system at Wo Tin Estate, including the lightning protection belt and grounding system, had been installed in accordance with relevant international standards and had passed relevant tests. Engineers had inspected the rooftop lightning protection facilities of Wo Hei House this morning and found no issues.

The spokesperson also noted that the Wo Tin Estate office had noticed the social media clips and had contacted the unit suspected of being struck by lightning and surrounding residents to understand the situation. Estate office staff had successfully contacted and inspected all relevant units, confirming that there was no need to repair indoor facilities, and no reports of injuries from residents. After inspection, it was found that the exterior surface of one unit had been slightly damaged, but it was still uncertain whether this was related to the lightning strike. The estate office will continue to follow up on this case and provide appropriate assistance to residents.