Lifeguard sentenced to 160-hour community service order for misleading police in drowning case involving 7-year-old girl


18th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) The police received a report in September last year that a 7-year-old girl was suspected of drowning in the swimming pool of the Villa Rhapsody – Symphony Bay Club House in Ma On Shan.  The girl was rescued and sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital by ambulance, but she was subsequently certified dead. After investigation, the person in charge of the swimming pool and two lifeguards were arrested. The three were suspected of providing false statements to the police, concealing that there was only one lifeguard on duty at the time of the incident. They knowingly misled the police. One of the lifeguards pleaded guilty two weeks ago and was sentenced at Shatin Magistrates’ Courts this morning (18th).

The Magistrate said that considering the defendant’s confession and lack of criminal record, the community service order report pointed out that the defendant was introspective and remorseful in this incident, so he adopted the report’s recommendations and sentenced the defendant to a 160-hour community service order.