LH Group CEO backs staff in face of excessive food waste by patrons at Gyu-Kaku buffet


21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) An incident involving significant food wastage at the popular all-you-can-eat restaurant Gyu-Kaku, part of the LH Group, has sparked a conversation about customer behaviour and restaurant policies. The CEO of LH Group, Simon Wong Kit-lung, has made a firm stand in support of his staff against the backdrop of this controversy.

A social media user shared distressing images from a Gyu-Kaku outlet showing tables laden with uneaten food, including several large plates of meat, untouched seafood, and full beverages – an alarming instance of waste. The user’s inquiries to the staff about potential fines for such excess led to revelations of the employees’ fear of repercussions, highlighting a tension between customer satisfaction and waste prevention.

In light of the events, Wong has openly supported his team, stating unequivocally that customers should not be unconditionally favoured. He recommended that staff take photographic evidence of waste to protect themselves from unjust complaints.

The CEO’s online comments were met with a wave of support from netizens who shared their disapproval of the wasteful behaviour. Wong’s suggestion that employees charge HK$20 per gram of leftover food as per policy has been seen as a way to hold patrons accountable for their choices, whilst also protecting the staff and the environment.

Wong also took the opportunity to detail the origins of the group’s “Red-Green Card” initiative, a policy designed to combat waste. Stemming from a troubling experience he had a decade ago, the policy rewards customers who do not waste food with a discount on their next visit and contributes HK$5 to environmental charities for each card issued. Over the years, the group has donated substantial sums to various environmental organisations, proving the effectiveness of the initiative in reducing waste.