2nd July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Young protestors wrote a letter addressed to their parents and published on social media today to explain why they decided to besiege and take over Legislative Council Building.

To our parents,

Dad and mom, we are sorry to make you worried. Watching the live telecast of the violent protest on TV must make you completely disappointed with the youths of Hong Kong. You will wonder why young people wanted to become violent protestors. Let us explain to you why.

Why did we storm the Legislative Council Building? Since 9th June, Hong Kong has had many protests and violent clashes and many heart broken people had cried. From beginning to end, we took to the streets for one reason only i.e. Withdraw extradition bill. 1,000,000 people protested, 2,000,000 people protested, some sat quietly at the protest area outside Legislative Council Building, some occupied major roads in Admiralty, we also besieged police headquarters in Wan Chai peacefully and disrupted services at government buildings. We have tried many peaceful methods to state our demands but the government continued to ignore. They only delayed and used excessive force against us. We had no choice but to put on a more violent fight to let our vehement voice heard.

Handwritten notes left on shelves to inform protestors not to destroy cultural relics or take drinks from fridge in the Legislative Council Building.
Hand written notice stating ‘ Do not destroy’ on a shelf containing cultural relics.

Many news reports have regarded us as violent thugs. We are not thugs. Thugs won’t pay for goods and services at unmanned store, thugs won’t care about the safety of media reporters or provide them with protective head gears, masks and other resources. Thugs won’t protect the cultural relics kept inside the Legislative Council Building. Thugs will only show their support for police. We are the new generation of youths who were taught well by the last generation, we are well nurtured by you.

May be you will consider our actions as violent and excessive, on the other hand, what is life without a foundation as compared to loss of life? There are already three young people who sacrificed for the people. We feel heartbroken and torn whenever we hear another young person killed himself/herself.

We won’t beg you, we only humbly hope that you will understand our wishes. We need your support to give us more energy to fight for democracy and for the future of Hong Kong.

Thank you, dad and mom.

From a group of children who love Hong Kong and who treat Hong Kong as their home.