Less than 200 protesters camp overnight at airport, flights to start arriving after 5am later

Less than 200 protesters were occupying the airport at 12.05am.

13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 12.20am today, there were less than 200 protesters camping overnight at the airport in preparation for the 2nd wave of siege tomorrow at 1pm. After more than 10,000 protesters flooded the Terminal 1 today, police have increased their presence in the airport vicinity.

At 11.05pm yesterday, Special Tactical Unit and riot police were seen at the Departure area. According to sources, they planned to disperse protesters who were occupying the area overnight.

Meanwhile, according to Airport Authority, many flights have been rescheduled to arrive from 5am today.

Flights have been rescheduled to arrive from 5am today.

Many police officers were patrolling the airport area and one of them was spotted with orange flags used to warn protesters.