Leisure and Cultural Services Department responds to media enquiries


11th August 2022 – (Hong Kong)   In response to media enquiries regarding the absence of a resident stage manager in the Hong Kong Coliseum, a spokesman for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) gave the following reply today:

The LCSD’s performance venues such as the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Hong Kong City Hall, etc have stages and are equipped with stage facilities and installations to support cultural and arts activities. Hence, resident stage managers are deployed at these performance venues to execute daily stage operation and provide stage services; supervise stage artisans; liaise with hirers to resolve technical problems; assist with the update and preparation of technical data on stage facilities, stage plans, technical drawings and inventory list of stage production equipment, etc.

These stage managers do not possess the qualifications of registered engineers nor are officers responsible for certifying the structural safety of the stage. If hirers would like to install large-scale structures or mechanical installations at these performance venues, they are required to engage a qualified professional person/persons to certify to the department that the stage so erected and installations set up are sound and safe, which is similar to the arrangement for the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Hong Kong Coliseum is a multi-purpose venue for hirers to hold sports events, large-scale concerts and other programmes and the venue is adapted based on hirers’ different needs. As the coliseum does not have a stage, no resident stage manager is arranged at the coliseum to take charge of the management of stage facilities. The entire stage and other installations for performances in the coliseum are set up by the hirers. Hirers are required to engage at their own cost qualified professional persons who should certify to the department in writing that the structures and/or equipment so erected, installed are sound and safe upon the completion of the set-up.

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