Leisure and Cultural Services Department introduces initiatives to support seniors and persons in need


24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In an effort to provide care and support to senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and those in need, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has launched a range of programmes and measures. The initial phase of these initiatives, which commenced on 24th February, includes “The Evergreen” Award Scheme, the “Umbrellas for Loan by Elderly Park Visitors” Scheme, and the “Briefing on Outdoor Fitness Training.”

“The Evergreen” Award Scheme aims to encourage elderly individuals to enjoy the various leisure facilities available at LCSD parks, promoting their overall quality of life. Participants aged 60 and above can obtain an Evergreen park visit record card and a park map from the designated park offices. By visiting three checkpoints within the park, they can collect stamps to be recorded on their visit card. The first 18,000 seniors who collect 15 different stamps from five designated parks will be eligible to redeem a gift at specified locations.

The “Umbrellas for Loan by Elderly Park Visitors” Scheme provides convenience to elderly park visitors by offering umbrella loans at the 18 designated parks. Elderly individuals aged 60 and above can borrow umbrellas from the park offices or lending locations based on their needs. Simple registration procedures and the presentation of identification are required. Umbrellas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be returned before leaving the park.

The LCSD will also conduct “Briefing on Outdoor Fitness Training” sessions at major parks, primarily targeting the elderly. Participants can join these sessions without prior enrollment and will receive souvenirs upon completion. Additionally, the LCSD is exploring the inclusion of more fitness equipment suitable for senior citizens at various locations, including the installation of intelligent fitness equipment for free public use.

To encourage senior citizens’ involvement in cultural activities, the 18dART – Community Arts Scheme will organize a range of performing arts activities, training workshops, and performances specifically tailored to the elderly. Furthermore, a new inclusive dance scheme is set to be launched, featuring dance training programs for students of special schools and performances involving disabled individuals.