Legislative Councillor Priscilla Leung wants blanket ban on all industries and activities involving crowd gathering, ban on alcohol insufficient


26th March 2020 – (Hong Kong) As the total number of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong continues to grow in Hong Kong, the government has only proposed amendment to ban the sale of alcohol to reduce crowd gathering in bars. Priscilla Leung, a Legislative Councillor stated this morning (26th) on a radio program that all industries and activities involving crowd gathering should be suspended for two to three weeks.

She also suggested that the government should increase the provision of anti-epidemic funds to assist affected industries. Priscilla Leung believes that the government ’s prohibition on drinking alcohol is not sufficient. It should not restrict only bars as people can still continue to gather and eat at restaurants, participate in religious events and other group activities.

She believes that the government should be cautious and reduce the flow of people. However, she does not think that the entire city should be shut down because many industries can operate through the Internet, and not all civil servants can work from home. They need to maintain basic public services. It is recommended that the authorities study how many civil servants can stay at home. She also said that law enforcement should be strictly enforced against non-disciplined people, such as those who do not wear masks.

While politicians are making proposals and demands, we think that the government should be stern and decide fast as the window for community infection is wide open now and each day is critical.