Legislative Councillor Elizabeth Quat says police and Ministry of Foreign Affairs should try their best to rescue HK people trapped in black labour camps in Cambodia


17th August 2022 – (Hong Kong)  Recently, a large number of Taiwanese have been lured to Cambodia and Myanmar and they were forced to engage in online scams or they were coerced to work through the use of violence or intimidation. As of today, local news reports in Hong Kong have revealed that at least 5 victims from Hong Kong have been falsely imprisoned by criminal syndicate based at the Thai-Myanmar border. Each of them has to make at least around HK$300,000 and above or pay the sum before they can be released. Many were trapped in the notorious “KK Park area”. A victim who tried to escape was reportedly shot.

Legislative Councillor Elizabeth Quat said today (17th) that she was shocked by the related scams. She hoped that the Hong Kong government would call on the public to be cautious. She also pointed out that there are many related job advertisements which offer lucrative returns on social media. As for rumours that some Hong Kong people are also trapped in the local area, Quat pointed out that the police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should try their best to rescue them. She criticised the shameful and brutal behaviour of the syndicate.