Legislative Council to hold meeting for introduction of Appropriation Bill 2024 and budget outline on Wednesday

Paul Chan

26th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Legislative Council (LegCo) is scheduled to convene on Wednesday, 28th February, at 11am in the Chamber of the LegCo Complex. The primary focus of this meeting will be the introduction of the Appropriation Bill 2024, which will undergo both the First Reading and the Second Reading. During the Second Reading of the Bill, the Financial Secretary will present an outline of the 2024-25 Budget. However, the Second Reading debate on the Bill will be postponed for a later session.

In addition to the bill proceedings, the Members of the Legislative Council will have the opportunity to pose 22 questions to the government, covering various policy areas. These questions will require written responses.

For those interested in the agenda of the meeting, it can be obtained through the LegCo Website (www.legco.gov.hk). The general public will also have the option to watch or listen to the meeting through the “Webcast” system, available on the LegCo Website. Moreover, individuals who wish to observe the proceedings in person at the LegCo Complex may reserve seats by contacting 3919 3399 during office hours.