Legislative Council member Michael Tien expresses mixed feelings after visiting Disney’s World of Frozen

Michael Tien

30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Disney’s highly anticipated “World of Frozen” has opened its doors, attracting numerous fans who have made special trips to experience the magical realm. Among them is Michael Tien, a prominent member of the Legislative Council representing New Territories North West. Last weekend, Tien took his grandchildren to explore the enchanting world, eager to determine whether it truly lived up to its hype. After his firsthand experience, Tien noted several improvements in the park’s restaurant services, praising the staff for their responsiveness, particularly during photo sessions with the beloved character “Olaf.” However, one unexpected aspect left him disheartened – an extensive 40-minute wait for a packet of popcorn at a snack shop on Main Stree USA, which had mostly closed by then. Tien expressed his mixed feelings, describing the visit as both heartwarming and underwhelming.

Accompanied by his grandchildren, Tien ventured to the recently unveiled “World of Frozen,” a project that had been seven years in the making. The construction of this Frozen-themed area was approved by the Legislative Council in 2017 as part of Disney’s HK$10.9 billion expansion plan, with HK$5.45 billion allocated specifically for its development. Curious to see if the park lived up to the hype, Tien embarked on this journey, determined to assess its worth. He recounted the overwhelming crowds that greeted them on the day of their visit, with the Frozen area being particularly popular. The majority of the attractions boasted waiting times of 90 to 120 minutes, while other sections of the park required queues of only 45 to 60 minutes. During his time waiting in line, Tien engaged in conversations with the park’s staff and learned that the number of visitors increased significantly after the opening of the Frozen area. The influx of fans came from various countries, including Japan, the United States, and Taiwan.

Despite encountering long queues, Tien acknowledged the efforts made by the park’s management to enhance the overall guest experience. He praised the improved restaurant services, highlighting the attentive nature of the staff during photo opportunities with the popular snowman character, “Olaf.” Tien’s interaction with the park’s employees revealed that they had been coping with a surge in visitor numbers since the opening of the Frozen area. This surge resulted in extended waiting times and crowded conditions throughout the park.