Legendary martial artist Sammo Hung enjoys semi-retired life as he shops for groceries in Sheung Shui in a wheelchair

    Sammo Hung

    23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Sammo Hung, the 72-year-old martial arts superstar, has been facing mobility challenges in recent years, often seen using a wheelchair or walking with a cane. Concerns about his health have arisen due to these circumstances. However, Sammo Hung pays little attention to the public’s gaze and proves his physical well-being through his actions. Recently, he was spotted in a supermarket in Shenzhen, enjoying his semi-retired life while shopping in a wheelchair.

    Despite his age and physical limitations, he continues to showcase his determination and vitality. Internet users recently captured footage of Sammo Hung independently manoeuvring his wheelchair during an outing.

    In the footage, Sammo Hung can be seen comfortably exploring the streets in his wheelchair. Two plastic bags from the market are hanging on the back of his wheelchair, suggesting that he had just finished shopping for groceries. Sammo Hung looks left and right as he moves along, enjoying the freedom and leisure of being out on his own. It is evident that he has no difficulty taking care of himself and embracing an independent lifestyle.

    Social media users enthusiastically shared their encounters with Sammo Hung, with one netizen saying, “Just bumped into Sammo Hung at the market. Couldn’t bring myself to disturb him for a photo, but it’s always a pleasure to see him in Sheung Shui.” Others left comments expressing their amusement, calling him a “jolly old man” and remarking on his adorable nature.