LegCo member urges National Security Dept to investigate Google after it continues to ignore govt’s request to remove pro-HK independence song from its search results


30th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Earlier in the Asian Rugby Sevens and other international rugby events, incidents such as broadcasting the wrong national anthem and displaying the wrong name of the national anthem were reported. In addition to criticism over the incidents by a number of members of Legislative Council and concerned people, the government request to rectify erroneous search results on Google was unsuccessful. Legislative Councillor Dominic Lee and others personally brought their banners to the Google Hong Kong office to petition, asking Google to rectify the issue of wrong search results for the national anthem by removing the pro-HK independence song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ from their search results.

Lee said that as an international search platform, Google has the responsibility to monitor and ensure that the information provided is correct. Once there is a legal basis to prove that illegal information appears, it must be removed and the correct website and video must be pinned to the top of the search results. The misinformation this time involves the song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, which is used as weapons to subvert the regime or create social instability, endangering national security. He also pointed out that the Hong Kong National Security Law applies to search engines that provide services in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government has solemnly negotiated with Google for many days, but it still has not corrected it. “If Google does not correct the error in time, we have reason to believe that Google is not only acting on negligence, but its motive could be deemed intentional, the National Security Department should immediately file a case and start investigation.”