LegCo member leaks details of new “0+7” arrangement to be announced next week, arrivals can go home if PCR test results are negative


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) There are rumours in the political circle that the government will announce that “3+4” quarantine measure for overseas arrivals will be relaxed to “0+7” as soon as next week while the new measure will be implemented in early October. Nucleic acid testing will be maintained at the airport after arriving in Hong Kong.

Michael Tien, member of the Legislative Council for New Territories North West quoted sources that the government will cancel the PCR Testing requirement before boarding and replace it with a rapid antigen testing. After arriving in Hong Kong, both nucleic acid testing (PCR) and rapid antigen testing must be carried out. If the rapid antigen test is negative, arrivals can go home and wait for nucleic acid test results. As a result, it is expected that reports will be made within 2 hours at the earliest. As long as the rapid antigen test result is negative, the arrivals can leave the airport immediately, and if the results are positive, they must be sent to a quarantine hotel. They do not need to be transferred to Penny Bay Community Isolation Facility. The government’s goal is to have the results in about two hours after the nucleic acid test, so as to minimise the risk of transmission.

Tien pointed out that after the government announces the “0+7” arrangement next week, the measures will take effect about a week later.

In fact, even if it is “0+7” arrangement, arrivals will not be able to use “blue code” to eat at restaurants within 7 days, and it will not attract tourists to come to Hong Kong. Tourists will not want to order takeaway to eat in the hotels. Hence, Tien hopes to strive for the next step to relax from “0+7” to “0+2” or “0+3”.

He said that nucleic acid testing after arrival at the airport should also be cancelled. He is discussing with the government that it should be replaced by a rapid antigen test in the long run.

Michael Tien Puk-sun is a Hong Kong politician, businessman and member of the Legislative Council for New Territories North West. He is the founder and chairman of the G2000 clothing retail chain and former chairman of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation.