LegCo member Eunice Yung terminates her daughter-in-law relationship with Elmer Yuen after the latter suspected of violating National Security Law

Eunice Yung and Elmer Yuen Gong-yi

5th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A few days ago, a spokesman for the Security Bureau severely condemned Elmer Yuen Gong-yi, Ho Leung-mau and Baggio Leung Chung-hang and others for forming a so-called “Hong Kong Parliament” overseas, suspected of contravening the offence of subversion under Article 22 of the National Security Law.

One of the 3 persons named is Elmer Yuen Gong-yi, the father-in-law of Eunice Yung Hoi-yan. Eunice Yung Hoi-yan is a Hong Kong barrister and pro-Beijing politician. She is a member of the New People’s Party and the Civil Force. She became member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong for New Territories East in 2016 and for Election Committee in 2021. Yung issued a public statement today (5th), announcing that she has officially terminated her relationship with him as his daughter-in-law. She added that her husband is aware of it and understood her decision. Yung’s husband is Derek Mi-Chang Yuen, a Hong Kong-based strategist, scholar, and columnist.

In her statement, she said that, “I am a Chinese with the blood of the great motherland. Under the premise of the righteousness of the country, based on the fact that according to the National Security Office, Mr. Elmer Yuen is suspected of violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law” to subvert state power. I am now announcing that I have officially terminated my relationship with Yuen as my father-in-law.”

In securing her Legislative Council seat, Yung is widely considered to have received support from the central government’s liaison office based in Sai Wan, with which she has confessed a “working relationship”, earning her the nickname, “Goddaughter of Sai Wan”. She is best known for her interest in the promotion of e-sports and her statement that “there should not be too much politics inside or outside of the legislature”. She considers Regina Ip her political mentor.