Lease for Chickeeduck at D-Park not renewed, Lady Liberty Statue removed


30th June 2020 – (Hong kong) Chickeeduck, a children’s clothing store at D-Park, Discovery Bay has set up a two-meter-high Lady Liberty Statue in the store holding a ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ banner. A Lennon wall was also set up in the store.

Chickeeduck Chief Executive Officer Chow said in a media conference at 8pm today that the landlord has decided not to renew his lease and he was given 21 days notice to vacate the store. He will remove the statue tonight. The landlord sent him an email yesterday to notify him of the termination of the lease yesterday evening and he only received a message from the contact person of the mall this morning.

He pointed out that the lease for the store was renewed once every three months, and the lease has been renewed until the end of September on 3rd June. He questioned the landlord’s move as political suppression. He also said that he has not been able to meet with the landlord so far, urging the real estate developer not to exert political pressure.

He immediately removed the “Statue of Democracy” tonight and said that he would consider the location to place it again, but he hopes that other branches will be able to place propaganda pamphlets in support of democracy in the future, as permitted by law. A spokesperson for D-Park said in an inquiry that the tenant’s three-year lease expires on 30th June, 2020 and the mall has never signed any renewal agreement with the tenant. This was a purely commercial decision.