Leanne Li’s birthday trip derailed by unexpected injury

    Leanne Li (left) and Wong Cho-lam (right).

    28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Leanne Li’s plans to celebrate her 39th birthday with a trip to Thailand were abruptly disrupted as she suffered an injury just before her special day. Li, a Hong Kong actress and wife of comedian Wong Cho-lam, found herself in a wheelchair and admitted to the hospital due to the unexpected mishap. Instead of enjoying a tropical getaway, she had to spend her birthday wearing a neck brace while receiving medical care. Wong Cho-lam jokingly remarked, “I guess I can’t say to you ‘May you have this day every year and this moment every birthday.'”

    Li took to Instagram to share a video, expressing her initial excitement for the birthday trip that turned into an unfortunate incident. Just before departing, she accidentally strained her back, saying, “The day before my birthday, we were happily celebrating, and Wong Cho-lam had even booked our tickets and was ready to accompany me to Thailand. But unexpectedly, something happened, and I pulled my back. Wong Cho-lam brought me to the hospital.” In the video, Li can be seen sitting in a wheelchair, visibly in pain, even struggling to drink from a water cup and needing assistance from Wong Cho-lam. He couldn’t help but offer some advice, saying, “First, let’s relieve the pain. Then, when you go home, try not to use your phone in this posture. When you’re drawing, support your hand with a cushion. And please avoid carrying the baby; both of them are heavy, so no more carrying.”