Le Meridien Cyberport unveils its impressive new UMAMI and NAM FONG restaurants as part of its major revamp


4th June 2022 – (Hong Kong)  Le Meridien Hong Kong is set to reopen after a major revamp beginning with its four restaurants and bar in May this year.

Umami and Nam Fong.
Nam Fong Cantonese restaurant
Barbequed Iberico Pork, fresh abalone with sand ginger, glutinous rice paper rolled with caviar, pickled ginger and century agg, pickled Japanese yam with shiso, celtuce, chili and lime.
Surf clam clear soup with flaky turnip puff.

Nam Fong Cantonese restaurant was open on Friday, 20th May. Serving creative Cantonese cuisine that will surprise diners with traditional tastes presented with creativity, the elegant restaurant is led by award-winning chef, Bosco Li. Li and his talented team will be transforming fresh local ingredients and traditional crafted recipes into truly outstanding Cantonese dishes. Nam Fong’s signature specialties will include refined dim sum such as Nam Fong Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Spotted Grouper Dumpling in Pickled Mustard Green Sauce, and Deep-fried Assorted Mushroom Glutinous Dumplings, Carrot, Chinese Celery, succulent and umami rich Maple Wood Smoked Soy Sauce Yellow Chicken, Sweet and Sour Iberico Pork with Fresh Figs and Pineapple, and the exceptional Poached Spotted Grouper in Pickled Mustard Green Soup with Bean Sprouts, Coriander, Sesame, Sichuan Peppercorn and Black Fungus. 

Grilled tilefish with thick seafood soup and bitter melon.
Crispy yellow chicken with scallion oil and Sichuan pepper.
Chilled Sago cream soup with fresh fig, pomelo and crispy 3.6 Hokkaido milk toast with dried raspberry and popping candy

Not to be missed is the surf clam clear soup with flaky turnip puff. The crunchy turnip puff goes perfectly well with the flavourful seafood soup. One of our favourites is the grilled Tilefish with thick seafood soup and bitter melon. Needless to say, the concoction of flavours simply explode in your mouth. The grilled Tilefish with its crunchy skin fuses in unison with the soup.

For dessert, don’t miss out the chilled sago cream soup with fresh fig, pomelo and crispy 3.6 Hokkaido milk toast with dried raspberry and popping candy, a definitely sophisticated and mind-blowing experience to end your meal.

Japanese Izakaya, Umami opened on Friday, 27th May and it serves traditional Japanese favourites, with jet-fresh seafood all imported from Japan, and signatures such as Grilled Amadai in Housemade Sauces with Mashed Lily, and Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu Sukiyaki. The restaurant also has two sake sommeliers to provide expert guidance, and a pet-friendly outdoor Japanese garden. 

Assorted sashimi and sushi served at UMAMI.
White Peach Sorbet with marinated cucumber, Honey dew and Yuzu foam at UMAMI.

Meanwhile, Latitude 22, the versatile signature bar and lounge within the iconic Le Méridien Hub, changes décor and ambiance as the day goes by. It was also opened on 27th May to the grand public. During the day it is an engaging coffeehouse, with tempting cakes such as the Rose, Raspberry & Lychee Macaron and the Original 30% White Chocolate Unshu Mikan & Green Tea Crumble Tart, pastries and coffee made by certified master baristas. In the evening it transforms into a vibrant cocktail and wine bar serving delicious Petit Plates such as Salmon Tataki Carpaccio, and Latitude 22 Japanese Sweet Poached Eel Sliders. 

Another new restaurant that has opened since 24th May is the Southside Bistro, a contemporary all-day-dining restaurant fusing classing European, modern pan-Asian and international flavours. Highlights include the breakfast buffet, afternoon tea set and weekend buffet and brunch.

By summer, its 170 new contemporary rooms and suites will be unveiled, emerging from a complete redesign and renovation. When fully open, the chic modern lifestyle hotel will offer engagingly unique, immersive discoveries and modern living at every turn.