Lawyer of Joseph Lam Chok makes headlines with flashy sports car and horse owner status

    David Fenn

    23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the midst of the ongoing JPEX cryptocurrency case, the arrest of Joseph Lam Chok, the owner of the now defunct over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency exchange in Central has captured the attention of the entire city. Released recently, Lam held a press conference yesterday (22nd) at his residence to address the events surrounding the case. However, it was his accompanying lawyer, David Fenn, who stole the spotlight.

    David Fenn and Joseph Lam Chok at a recent press conference.
    He appeared on a local TV show.

    David Fenn, the representative lawyer for Lam, was seen by Lam’s side during the press conference, sporting a tie adorned with the emblem of Diocesan Boys’ School. His display of loyalty to his alma mater has garnered significant attention from netizens.

    Having attended the prestigious Diocesan Boys’ School, David Fenn went on to study law at the University of Hong Kong. After graduating, he established his own law firm, FENN & CO., DAVID. A glance at Fenn’s Facebook profile reveals his frequent promotion of his law firm and his active participation in industry events. He is known for his extravagant lifestyle and his preferred mode of transportation, a Lamborghini, often seen shuttling him to and from court. Furthermore, he made appearances on a local television program and actively engaged in various local charitable functions, indicating his desire for status validation and attention-seeking tendencies.

    Furthermore, back in August, David revealed on Facebook that he had become a member of the Hong Kong Jockey Club after a considerable period of time. He proudly shared a selfie with his membership card, expressing his surprise and gratitude for having achieved full membership and personal horse ownership rights. David wrote, “I always thought being a personal horse owner was a privilege reserved for the upper class and wealthy individuals. Little did I know that one day I would become a horse owner myself. Hard work pays off, and these past few years of being able to focus on my work amidst the pandemic have truly paid off. Upholding the spirit of Lion Rock, Hong Kong will always be a blessed land.”

    In addition to his legal achievements and Jockey Club membership, David took the opportunity to uplift and encourage students during the release of the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) examination results. Sharing his outstanding A-Level grades from years ago, he emphasised that setbacks should not deter students from pursuing their goals. David’s post read, “To the students receiving their DSE results, keep pushing forward. In my A-Level exams in the 1990s, I achieved three A grades in English, Mathematics, and Chemistry. I wasn’t the best, but I still managed to enter the law program at the University of Hong Kong. Life didn’t unfold smoothly for me like a carefree prodigy of wealthy parents. Instead, I had to rely on my own efforts and establish a small practice to make ends meet. So, to those who didn’t perform as well as they had hoped, don’t be discouraged. The path ahead is long, and circumstances matter more than grades. Keep pushing forward.”

    David Fenn showed off his HKJC membership card as a proud horse owner.
    David Fenn in his flashy Lamborghini sports car.