Lawmaker Regina Ip becomes the latest target to receive threatening letter from Taiwan


25th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Chairperson of the New People’s Party and lawmaker Regina Ip received a threatening letter last night. The threatening letter from Taiwan contained a packet of rotten flesh similar to the letters sent to the two judges several days ago.

Ip had already called the police this morning and believed that the harassment might be aimed at upcoming Legislative Council election or because she has commented against Taiwan independence. She said that after receiving the letter, she was worried about whether there would be anthrax bacterium. A person claiming to be in exile in Taiwan admitted responsibility on the social media app Telegram, mentioning Ip’s support for culling wild boars and running for the Legislative Council. This person also admitted earlier to send letters to judges of the Admiralty High Court and Wan Chai District Court. The letters contained meat slices and the person claimed that they were expired beef.

Picture source: Regina Ip