Law enforcement raid reveals illegal gambling den in Mong Kok, leading to arrests and discovery of 4 wanted individuals


2nd December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Law enforcement officers in the Mong Kok district launched an operation codenamed “Sweeping the Field” yesterday. They conducted surprise searches across various locations within the district. During the operation, they successfully dismantled a suspected illegal gambling den operating fishing game machines in a building located on Sai Yeung Choi Street South. The person in charge, identified as Mr. Chan (40 years old), was apprehended on charges of “operating a gambling establishment.” Additionally, a 39-year-old woman present at the premises was arrested for “gambling within a gambling establishment.”

During the operation, officers seized two fishing game machines and three gaming consoles. Furthermore, a knife, a hammer, and an iron rod were also discovered at the location. Consequently, both individuals were further arrested on suspicion of “possessing offensive weapons.”

In addition to the raid on the gambling den, the law enforcement officers conducted surprise inspections at 18 different establishments within the area. These included nightclubs, bars, mahjong parlours, pool halls, and gaming centres. During the inspections, they identified three men and one woman as individuals wanted by the authorities. The wanted individuals, aged between 34 and 51, consisted of two individuals who had outstanding fines and two individuals who were wanted for failing to appear in court. Currently, all arrested individuals are being detained for further investigation.