Lavrov says Kyiv’s threats against Putin could lead to sanctions against Ukraine


27th May 2023 – (Moscow) Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has expressed concern over the mental stability of top officials in Kyiv and called for sanctions against them over their threats against Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview published on Saturday, Lavrov said that Ukraine’s “puppeteers” in London and Washington are beginning to worry about the mental stability of these officials.

He stated, “I hope that sanctions will follow against these so-called officials. All statements that it is necessary to kill all Russians, wherever they are – that was said both by [Ukrainian Presidential Office Head Advisor Mikhail] Podolyak and [National Defense and Security Council Secretary Alexey] Danilov – and now personal [threats] against a leader of a sovereign state, the Russian Federation – is the most serious thing.”

Lavrov also referred to Ukraine as a terrorist state, with its authorities “driving themselves into this quality.” He criticised the threats against the Russian leadership and emphasised that a word has been uttered, and the West must bear responsibility for these words.