Laurinda Ho’s latest posts on Instagram Story with Shawn Dou quash divorce rumours


    17th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Laurinda Ho, the daughter of the late gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, recently shared a set of photos on her social media platform. In the photos, she can be seen wearing a figure-hugging red dress that accentuates her slender figure. Paired with red high heels, she confidently showcases her long legs. With her hair tied up, revealing her graceful neck, she poses with a maple leaf in various positions on the street, exuding an extraordinary goddess-like aura. Laurinda described her outfit as adding a touch of autumn colours. The release of these photos garnered praise from netizens, who commended Laurinda for her elegance and referred to her as a “stunning beauty.” It seems that her fashion choice received top marks from everyone.

    In another Instagram story, Laurinda shared a photo with her husband, Shawn Dou, in a local eatery, possibly aiming to dispel recent rumours of their divorce. The caption humorously stated, “Did we eat until we were shaking? It’s too exaggerated. We just finished eating the same combination…” It appears that Laurinda wanted to address and clarify the circulating divorce speculation through this post.