Laurinda Ho, daughter of a deceased gambling magnate Stanley Ho, partners with husband Shawn Dou for upcoming movie debut


25th April 2023 – (Hong Kong) Laurinda Ho, daughter of late gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, tied the knot with mainland Chinese actor Shawn Dou on 18th April in a stunning wedding held in Bali. While the couple exchanged vows, their fans eagerly anticipate their first on-screen collaboration with the release of the upcoming film “Dunhuang Heroes.” The official social media account of the film celebrated the nuptials with a hand-drawn poster congratulating the lovebirds.

Based on a famous Chinese novel, “Dunhuang Heroes” boasts a star-studded cast featuring Shawn Dou and other actors, although only one actress was listed in the official cast announcement prior to the wedding. Interestingly, Laurinda Ho’s name had not been mentioned in the film’s cast list. While her role in the movie remains a mystery, the fact that the couple will be working together on this project is undoubtedly exciting news for both their fans and movie enthusiasts.

Movie poster
Official social media account of “Dunhuang Heroes” congratulates newlyweds