Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou bust rumours of marriage troubles with street display of affection in Admiralty


    25th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Late gambling tycoon Stanley Ho’s third daughter, Laurinda Ho, was recently caught up in swirling rumours of marital discord with her mainland Chinese actor husband, Shawn Dou. While the couple has not directly addressed the speculations, Laurinda took to social media to dispel the rumours by sharing a video clip of the two of them together at a restaurant. Adding to the intrigue, a recent encounter by an online user in the streets further solidified their reconciliation.

    The chance encounter occurred in the bustling district of Admiralty, as the online user excitedly shared, “Today, I unexpectedly bumped into Shawn Dou and Laurinda Ho while having a meal in Admiralty! It’s my first-ever encounter with celebrities.” Eager to provide proof of the meeting, the user posted a photo online. Although the image captured the couple from behind, it depicted a tender moment between them. Laurinda was seen holding her phone while embracing Shawn from the waist, while he reciprocated by enfolding her in his arms. The couple’s intimate stance, coupled with their matching black couple shoes, effectively shattered the rumours of their marriage troubles. Observant netizens also couldn’t help but notice the height difference between the two, with Laurinda’s head resting perfectly on her husband’s shoulder, creating an endearing and harmonious image.