Latest poll results show 51% of Hongkongers will not get inoculated to benefit from “vaccine bubble”


4th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) In order to encourage citizens to get inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine, he government proposed a “vaccine bubble” earlier. Different establishments must comply with different regulations before they can be relaxed.

The Hong Kong Research Association (HKRA) interviewed 1,064 citizens aged 18 or above from the 26th April to the 2nd of May. 40% of the respondents disagreed with the relaxation measures proposed by the government based on “vaccine bubble” concept. 51% would not get inoculated to benefit for vaccine bubble.

23% said they would get vaccinated because of the vaccine bubble, while only 7% of the respondents had been vaccinated before the launch of program. HKRA pointed out that the results reflect that the public has not responded positively to the “vaccine bubble” program at this stage. The association urges the government to maintain close communication with the catering industry and improve the implementation details of the measures in a timely manner to gain public support. At the same time, the government should review and improve the current channels for disseminating vaccination information to assist the public in obtaining comprehensive and accurate information on vaccines, and build public confidence in vaccines.