Late casino tycoon’s daughter Laurinda Ho marries Chinese actor Shawn Dou in luxurious HK$50m Bali wedding today


    18th April 2023 – (Bali) Laurinda Ho, the daughter of gambling tycoon Stanley Ho, has tied the knot with Chinese actor Shawn Dou in a luxurious wedding ceremony held in Bali on April 18th. The couple, who have been dating for four years, followed traditional customs, donning Chinese-style attire for the occasion. The bride wore a red and gold dress with three pairs of dragon and phoenix hairpins.

    The wedding celebrations began with a welcome party where the couple was seen in a relaxed mood, enjoying their last night of singledom. The wedding was held at the Six Senses Uluwatu resort, with the couple spending around HK$50 million on the extravagant ceremony. They also arranged a three-day itinerary for their guests and hired 120 security personnel to ensure the safety and privacy of the attendees.

    The wedding ceremony was attended only by close friends, with Laurinda’s mother, sister, Sabrina Ho, and brother, Lawrence Ho, expected to only attend the Hong Kong reception. The couple had earlier flown to Bali to finalise the preparations for the wedding, while their guests arrived the day before the ceremony.

    Laurinda and Shawn‘s relationship has been the subject of much speculation, with the couple keeping a low profile. The wedding finally puts an end to the rumors and confirms their love for each other. The wedding ceremony was a grand affair, with the couple following traditional customs and looking stunning in their attire. The couple’s friends and family will undoubtedly remember this wedding for years to come.

    The couple used the poetic lines “三餐四季” (three meals, four seasons) and “餘生漫漫” (a long and lingering life) to express their affection on social media. However, these lines are actually part of a popular internet catchphrase that reads, “一日兩人三餐四季,餘生漫漫皆是你” (One day, two people, three meals, four seasons, the rest of my life is all for you), expressing a desire to spend every day together, sharing meals through all seasons, and spending the rest of their lives together. Another variation of the catchphrase is “一房兩人三餐四季,七情六欲五味百年” (One house, two people, three meals, four seasons, experiencing the seven emotions, six desires, five flavours, and spending a hundred years together), which highlights the ups and downs of life and the desire to spend a lifetime together. The catchphrase has become a popular expression of love, albeit a cheesy one.