Last distress call made by crew on board doomed mainland engineering vessel exposed


5th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) When Typhoon Chaba hit Guangdong and Hong Kong last Saturday, the mainland engineering ship Fujing 001 broke off and sank in the waters of Yangjiang, Guangdong. At present, the remains of 12 suspected victims have been found and 4 crew members were rescued by the Hong Kong Government Flying Service. 14 people are still missing.

The distress call made on the day of the incident was exposed. The crew used wireless radio to call South China Sea Rescue Bureau and the Chinese Navy for help but the signal of the engineering ship disappeared from the ship’s automatic identification system.

Mainland media reported on Tuesday (5th) that Fujing 001, with 30 people on board made a radio call at 5.42am last Saturday to the rescue ship “Nanhai Rescue 113” of the South China Sea Rescue Bureau nearby. Under the attack, the wind was high and the waves were strong, and the other party could not get close. The crew of Fujing 001 said at the time: “You try to come over now, you are our only hope.”

Sea water then began to gushed into the cabin of Fujing 001 before it gradually tilted. The crew called the Chinese navy for help again at 6.30 in the morning, saying: “We are now inclined at 21 degrees and the ship is entering the water. We are in the (offshore) wind (electric) field.” The signal of Fujing 001 subsequently disappeared at 11.20am. from the ship’s automatic identification system. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing.