Large-scale enforcement by undercover police officers to commence on 11th December, penalties of HK$2,000 for jaywalking


9th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Police Force will be launching a new round of large-scale law enforcement operations in mid-December. Pedestrians who jaywalk will face fines of up to HK$2,000. To avoid penalties, members of the public are urged to adhere to traffic rules when crossing the road. This decision comes as fatal traffic accidents in the city have been on the rise this year.

During the third quarter of this year, the Traffic Branch of the Hong Kong Police Force conducted a rigorous enforcement operation at over 100 busy locations throughout the city, resulting in the apprehension of 1,785 pedestrians who violated traffic regulations. This, coupled with a series of educational and promotional activities, has contributed to a significant 50% decrease in serious or fatal traffic accidents involving pedestrians compared to the same period last year.

Starting from 11th December, the police will carry out large-scale enforcement operations across various districts of Hong Kong, including undercover operations to catch individuals who jaywalk. Offenders caught in these operations may face fines of up to HK$2,000.

Between 1st and 8th December, the Traffic Branch, in collaboration with the Regional Traffic Safety Unit, has been spreading awareness messages on safe pedestrian crossing at multiple locations across Hong Kong. Additionally, they have been distributing commemorative items featuring the road safety mascot “Bear Sir.”

The Traffic Branch has introduced a series of new measures during the fourth quarter of this year. Over 90 traffic light controllers at locations throughout Hong Kong have been affixed with stickers featuring “Bear Sir,” serving as a reminder for pedestrians to prioritize safety. Furthermore, pedestrian safety banners have been hung at approximately 100 locations with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Following the conclusion of the education and promotional activities, the police will commence unpredictable, indefinite, and varied forms of law enforcement operations across all districts of Hong Kong starting from 11th December. Pedestrians caught jaywalking or committing serious traffic violations may face a maximum fine of HK$2,000. The new enforcement operations will also include undercover officers to combat the issue of people obeying traffic rules only when they see police officers.

Spokesperson for the Traffic Branch stated that there have been a total of 85 fatal traffic accidents from January to October this year, marking the highest number since 2020. Among the fatalities, 56 were pedestrians, with 35 of them being elderly individuals aged 65 or above, accounting for 63% of pedestrian deaths. In fatal traffic accidents involving elderly pedestrians, trucks constituted the largest proportion of vehicles involved, followed by taxis and minibuses.

The main causes of fatal traffic accidents involving pedestrians were improper or non-use of pedestrian facilities, distracted phone usage, and failure to use pedestrian crossings or footbridges. Pedestrians are reminded to utilise the “four treasures of pedestrians,” including traffic lights, zebra crossings, pedestrian tunnels, and footbridges. The police reiterate that jaywalking offenders may face fines of up to HK$2,000. It is hoped that citizens will act responsibly when crossing the road, for their own safety as well as the safety of their families.