Large rat found cleaning its fur on a dining table in a restaurant in Tai Po’s Uptown Plaza


8th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In recent days, a video circulating online has drawn attention to the longstanding issue of rodent infestation in Hong Kong. The footage captured an astonishing sight at a restaurant in Tai Po’s Uptown Plaza, where a large rat was spotted on a dining table. The rodent appeared to be engrossed in meticulously grooming its fur, displaying an unexpected air of composure. The video quickly sparked a discussion among netizens, with some observers noting the rat’s substantial size and cat-like cleaning habits. Comments such as “A cat disguised as a rat, playing undercover” and “This rat has cat-like habits, I was momentarily fooled” flooded social media platforms.

The brief 10-second video was recently uploaded to a Facebook group by a netizen. It showcased a rat inside a restaurant at Uptown Plaza in Tai Po, diligently grooming itself on a dining table. The exact time of the recording was not specified, and no customers or staff members were visible in the footage, suggesting that it might have been captured during non-operational hours.

The video quickly ignited a heated discussion among netizens, who praised the rat’s cleanliness. Amusing comments flooded in, such as “Someone must be taking care of it! So adorable,” “The ‘rat manager’ is so tidy, I bet it even allows head pats and belly rubs,” “A clean-freak rat,” “Having a good grooming session,” “Even rats can be considered clean if you watch this video,” and “The rat is misunderstood; it just appreciates cleanliness.” Some individuals pointed out the striking resemblance between the rat’s behaviour and that of a cat, exclaiming, “It’s as big as a cat,” and “What a massive creature! It’s the size of a cat, behaving like one too.”