“Lamma Mia” public art project shows aspects of Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island

Photo shows a series of animal sculptures set up in “Shima Expo” by artist Zhang Zhe.

11th December 2021 – (Hong Kong)  The “Lamma Mia” public art project organised by the Art Promotion Office was launched today at Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, in the hope of enhancing cross-cultural links among the islanders and introducing aspects of the island to the general public.

Visitors can learn more about South Lamma from another perspective through artist Brandon Chan’s dog sculptures and sound map, filled with stories of the island that he collected during his residency at a village on the island and dog walking with the villagers.
 Artist Pauline Lam created an engraved installation on the railings of the bridge at Lamma Island’s estuary. When the sun shines through the installation, it creates shifting pictorial shadows on the ground of the bridge.
Photo shows “The Ray of Sight”, a photo installation by artist Siu Wai-hang. The installation is inspired by the traces of war on the island. It transforms the kamikaze grotto into a natural camera obscura, capturing and juxtaposing the internal structure of the historical cave with the scenery outside at present.
Photographer Martin Cheung transformed the beach in South Lamma at night into a natural darkroom by placing photo paper in the sea, capturing the traces of waves on the beach.

In addition to being a tourist spot, Lamma Island boasts a rich history and a treasure trove of stories. Working with the theme “island shore”, the curatorial team conducted in-depth research and interviewed many locals for stories so as to take a retrospective look at the island’s history and lifestyle shaped by the interplay between land and sea. Fifteen Hong Kong artists and teams were invited to join in the creation of art works. Among them, four artists, namely Brandon Chan, Peggy Chan, Ho Yuen-leung and Humchuk, are taking up roles as artists-in-residence on the island, interacting and co-operating with different communities to create art. Drawing inspiration from the island’s natural landscape and cultural characteristics, other artists and teams, including Martin Cheung, Lam Duen Shan Ming, Kinchoi Lam and Jess Lau, Pauline Lam, Shum Kwan-yi, Sharu B. Sikdar, Siu Wai-hang, So Wing-po and Zhang Zhe, are exhibiting works at various locations on the island. Film directors Cheuk Cheung and Ma Chi-hang have each produced a documentary, one on Tin Hau Temples and the other on the ferries that ply around the island.
The “Lamma Mia” public art project is presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and organised by the Art Promotion Office. The project has enlisted Art Together as the Art In-situ Curatorial Partner and the Hong Kong Community Heritage Foundation as the Public Tour Collaborator to display artistic creations and publish a research-based booklet. In addition, a series of related activities, including guided tours, community workshops and screenings, will be organised during the exhibition period. The project aims to enable the public to embark on an art journey through the eyes of the islanders and to tell the story of Lamma Island, its people, its scenery and its past, with a multi-sensory artistic approach.
The project will run from today until 13th March next year at various locations at Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island. Location map of artworks can be downloaded at the following link: www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/APO/documents/794617/24930905/lamma_mia_map_v3_11_25_1.pdf.

For details of the project and activities, please visit the website at www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/APO/en_US/web/apo/lamma_mia.html and the Facebook page of “Lamma Mia” www.facebook.com/apo.lammamia, or call 2512 3000.