Lam Cheuk Ting, pro-democracy Legislative Councillor exposes a police brutality footage which allegedly has the year 201’9′ doctored (Updated 4pm)


20th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After Lam Cheuk Ting, pro-democracy Legislative Councillor held a live media conference at 10.30am today to expose the video clips of an incident involving police brutality at North District Hospital from the evening of 25th June to 26th June, a netizen questioned why the year the colour of the year is doctored. The video clip shows 06-26-2019 but the number 9 is in black instead of white.

The authenticity of the video clip should first be verified by police to determine if the incident did indeed take place in 2019 or before. Regardless of the year, the police brutality incident has to be investigated but it shouldn’t be sensationalised during this period when the tension between police officers and civilians is at all time high. The underlying motive is questionable if the video has indeed been doctored.

Meanwhile, the two police officers should be suspended with immediate effect pending police investigation.

You can click HERE to watch full video via APPLE DAILY from -1.14 onwards.

Police subsequently issued a statement at 2.25pm today that police are highly concerned about a case reported by a political party this morning in which police officers were suspected to have assaulted a patient in a ward at the North District Hospital at the end of June. The case has now been taken up by the Regional Crime Unit of New Territories South for criminal investigation.