Labour Department actively assisting MIRROR concert dancers to clarify their employment status


6th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) 2 dancers were injured by a giant LED screen during MIRROR concert at Hong Kong Coliseum.

One of the dancers, Lee Kai-yin (Mo) is in critical condition in the ICU of Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The team investigating held its 2nd meeting yesterday (5th). The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Chris Sun said on a radio program this morning (6th) that the main job of the representatives of the Labour Department is to review the “Occupational Safety and Health Regulations” and to determine whether anyone is responsible for the incident and if further actions are required, including prosecution. The team is still in the stage of evidence collection, and it is difficult to determine how long the investigation will take.

Sun said that according to the “Occupational Safety and Health Regulations”, employers can be required to provide a safe and appropriate working environment. After the amendments, the relevant maximum fine has been increased to HK$3 million.

Sun also revealed that the Labour Department is actively assisting the dancers involved in the MIRROR concert accident to clarify their employment status, stressing that even if a self-employment contract is signed, it may not necessarily mean it is “self-employment”. He said that, in general, if an industrial accident involves judicial proceedings, the investigation results of the authorities can only be announced after the court has made a judgment.