Laboratory test confirms snapping of wire rope caused by metal fatigue during MIRROR concert


12th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A task force led by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) held its third meeting today (August 12) to discuss the causes of a serious incident involving 2 injuries that occurred at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

The task force arranged earlier a cherry picker for experts to inspect closely at a higher position the installations suspended at the top of the stage. Besides, as the stage was dismantled, the task force had arranged the inspection and examination of all the hoisted installations which had been lowered down. 

In the meeting, the task force, after deliberate study of the information gathered at this moment, found that the snapping of wire rope was caused by metal fatigue according to laboratory examination result. However, further investigations are needed to find out the causes of metal fatigue. In addition, the hanging system of panels and its workmanship may also be the causes for the falling down of the LED panels leading to the serious incident at the HKC. The task force will conduct further investigations in this direction.

The working group is conducting further investigations in this regard.

Meanwhile, the LCSD will hand over the arena tomorrow as scheduled to the next hirer for holding concerts. The hirer has also agreed to comply and make necessary arrangements to fulfil the three short-term measures announced earlier to ensure the safety of performers, staff members and audiences. The measures are (1) Revisit and enhance safety of their stage design and their brought-in mechanical devices and to ensure the safety of all working staff, performers and persons attending the venue; (2) Cease the use of suspended mechanical devices involving swinging, rotation or carrying of persons; and (3) Conduct daily inspection of the mechanical devices mentioned in item (1) by a competent person whom LCSD agrees to assure safe working.