Kyiv rocked by missile and drone attack as residents flee to shelters on Monday morning


29th May 2023 – (Kyiv) Explosions shook the centre of Kyiv on Monday morning, 29th May, as a heavy Russian missile and drone attack hit the Ukrainian capital. The attack occurred just hours after Russia unleashed dozens of missiles and drones on targets across the country in the early hours of Monday.

According to Reuters witnesses, residents headed for shelters in metro stations as the sky above Kyiv filled with blast clouds and smoke trails. Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed that there were explosions in the capital’s central districts and that emergency services had been dispatched. He urged residents to stay in shelters and not to leave until the situation was under control.

The attack marks a significant escalation in tensions between Ukraine and Russia, which have been locked in a long-standing conflict over territory in eastern Ukraine. The latest attacks come just weeks after Russia built up troops near the border with Ukraine, raising fears of a renewed conflict.