Kris Wu allegedly appears at Beijing Ditan Hospital in Chaoyang District since his arrest


    9th September 2021 – (Beijing) After the mainland actor Kris Wu was formally arrested by the police on suspicion of rape in August, various rumours about him have spread online, including biting his tongue, committing suicide, disillusioned, and being beaten, but nothing has been confirmed.

    Nevertheless, a latest photo of a man that resembles his height appeared in social media. He was seen escorted to a hospital by 2 police officers.

    The man was wearing white pants, a grey-orange shirt, a headgear, and electronic shackles. There is a siding board on the upper right that says “Dermatology”. Netizens were sure that the man is Kris Wu based on his figure, posture, and shoulders.

    The hospital is also alleged to be the Beijing Ditan Hospital in Chaoyang District, Beijing, which is the detention centre district where Wu is being remanded (Chaoyang District). If the man is indeed Wu, this would be the first time he has appeared after his arrest!