Korean professor accuses China of plagiarising the tracksuit worn in popular “SQUID GAME” Netflix series


8th October 2021 – (Seoul) The Korean drama “Squid Game” is being watched by millions worldwide. Seok Yung Duk, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University in South Korea, posted on his Instagram that China had copied the tracksuit from “Squid Game” and criticised Chinese shopping websites for using pictures from the NETFLIX series to promote sales of tracksuits and jumpsuits without authorisation. In the post, the professor also included a comparison of the Chinese actor Wu Jing wearing the “China version” sportswear and the tracksuit in Squid Game.

However, Wu Jing was spotted wearing a similar sportswear with the word “China” in the movie “Song of Youth” released in 2019, in which Wu Jing plays a physical education teacher. Hence, could we infer that the costume designers in SQUID GAME have in fact copied from the Chinese movie instead?