Knife used to stab police officer in Wan Chai and suicide exposed


2nd July 2021- (Hong Kong)  At 10.05pm yesterday, a 50-year-old man attacked a male police officer from behind with a knife outside 555 Hennessy Road near Sogo and then stabbed himself in the chest with the knife. Facing threats to life, three police officers withdrew pistols and stayed on guard. The man was subdued afterwards. Sustaining serious chest injury, the man was rushed to Ruttonjee Hospital in unconscious state and was certified dead at 11.20pm.

The male officer sustained serious back injury and was sent to Queen Mary hospital for treatment.

  A knife in suspected connection with the case was seized at scene.

About two hours after the incident, photo of the suspected murder knife was exposed. It is understood that the suspect used a fruit knife at the time as a murder weapon for stabbing the police officer and himself. The knife used is longer than a pen and it is estimated to be at least 20 cm long. The blade was stained with blood and there were more blood stains at the tip of the blade. The suspect’s motive for the assault remains to be investigated by the police.